The Power of Social Media,

Without the Time

Glassdoor's national average for social media manager salaries is over $50,000. Also consider training, benefits, office space, and equipment.

Save money and time with the SSM social media package.  Pay by month.  No risk – 30 day money back guarantee.

Lead Generation

SSM knows the tricks of the trade.  Leveraging neromarketing science, psychology and industry studies, we use the latest techniques to ensure prospects see your CTAs.

Advertising Services

Did you know your organic posts are only viewed by 3% of your audience.  Today, you need to pay-to-play on social media.  We help you set-up a plan that meets your needs and then scales with success.

Low Maintenance

We take the time to know your brand and your preferences.  Following an easy on-boarding process, your brand can shine on social media with little to no effort from you or your team.  Be involved as little or as much as you want while leveraging expert vision.

Custom Graphics

Social media is visual.  With SSM, you leverage custom and branded images.

All-in-One Social Media Package